Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tuesday Thursday Time

Me and two of my roomates, Erin Jane and Carrie, don't have any class on tuesday and thursday. So we decided to "Do things". This is in quotes for a reason... Hawaii is great, its so so great, but everybody always does the same thing, they go to the beach. And its so great that no one tries to find anything new to do... Hard life, right?
ya well the grass is greener and all of that jazz
Well so far we have made a few trips into town and this is what we did!

These were at the contemporary art museum in honolulu. and yes those are cowboy boots...
We have tried Indian food.
been shopping (real original)
had beach appreciation day (it was sunny ok)
and even began learning German!! das es gut.

all in the name of broadening our horizons!