Sunday, October 26, 2008

out of my gourd!

I made my roommates and some friends drive across the island to go to a pumpkin patch! Boy did we get into the season, check out that flannel...

there were bunches of pumpkins to pick from, I got the guy on the right (stage left). I like him, I'm gonna carve him up real soon, maybe roast his insides.

Overalls + flannel + boots + chicken leg = Fall fashion.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cat Show

So these are the cats that made it to Iams cat show, aren't they beautiful?

so, not all cats make it to the big show... me and my roomate carrie did a little research. We found who missed it.

And what they are doing to be sure to take home the blue ribbon next year

Friday, October 17, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rain reaction, in a sentence.

Its been raining a whole lot lately, which is partially ok because I study and work all the time and cant go to the beach most of the time anyways, but mostly real crappy because my hair never dries (part the humidities fault, part the rains) and I don't get to ride my bike as much as I want (which is a lot) and when I do ride my bike I get a huge strip of muddy water up my back because I have no fender, but there is a plus and that is rainbows like these (I know rainbows, so cliche, but I really liked this one, in fact, I stopped my car on the side of the road for a half an hour to take pictures of it even though there were people in my car that didn't appreciate the rainbow as much as I did.

Friday, October 3, 2008

22, 2 parties

Ashley turned 22 on monday, we brought her into the new year of her life with two bangs! We had a sit down dinner for her real birthday day (I made that cake, thats why im smiling like a dummy)

We also had an awesome joint birthday dance party for ash and our friend matt newbold. It, of course, had a cowboy and indian theme. We were mostly injuns, because we heard that cowboys often lose their scalps... better safe than sorry.

Lets get a closer look at those white thighs shall we...

There were some attractive squaw their too...

and we had a heck of a time dancing!