Thursday, September 23, 2010


I got a great job, at Great Harvest, get it?
Right, so I work at 5:30 in the AM (Who would have guessed?!) And I love it!!! I'm not the biggest fan of going to bed early, but I am really liking getting up early and moving. I have to work a cash register but I also get to frost cookies and cinnamon rolls and put the drizzle on all the sweet treats!

I wear my American flag bandanna and get to make the frosting in a giant mixer! Its real fun.

So this cookie (the one in the picture) is significant because I made that frosting all by myself! I made it purple, but while I was making it the color was getting really faded, I thought it looked Grey. So, I kept asking one of my co-workers "Does this look Grey?" He kept replying really weird, a really enthusiastic, "yeah!."
I didn't want grey, duh, so I kept adding color and asking him, "This looks grey, doesn't it?"
And he kept being really enthusiastic, "yeah!"

So finally, I realize. He thinks I'm asking him if the frosting looks "GREAT"

no... I'm not that conceited.

It actally looks a little grey in this picture... I promise its purple!