Thursday, September 23, 2010


I got a great job, at Great Harvest, get it?
Right, so I work at 5:30 in the AM (Who would have guessed?!) And I love it!!! I'm not the biggest fan of going to bed early, but I am really liking getting up early and moving. I have to work a cash register but I also get to frost cookies and cinnamon rolls and put the drizzle on all the sweet treats!

I wear my American flag bandanna and get to make the frosting in a giant mixer! Its real fun.

So this cookie (the one in the picture) is significant because I made that frosting all by myself! I made it purple, but while I was making it the color was getting really faded, I thought it looked Grey. So, I kept asking one of my co-workers "Does this look Grey?" He kept replying really weird, a really enthusiastic, "yeah!."
I didn't want grey, duh, so I kept adding color and asking him, "This looks grey, doesn't it?"
And he kept being really enthusiastic, "yeah!"

So finally, I realize. He thinks I'm asking him if the frosting looks "GREAT"

no... I'm not that conceited.

It actally looks a little grey in this picture... I promise its purple!


Jillian Clara said...

your job sounds like fun "Ka-lee" I wake up at 5 too:)I am student teaching right now. we are so cool.. oh and it is totally purple. hehe

Zaira Benson said...

You posted!!!!! Congrats on your new job. it sounds fun! im going to come visit you because i havent sern you in a looong time.

Chelsea and Ben said...

Yeah yeah yeah!!!!! You got a job I know you will love! Congrats Karl!

Brad said...

Congrats on the new job! Love those cinnamon rolls!
Brad Fallon

Jillian Clara said...

do you think you will ever blog again?