Friday, April 24, 2009

free your feet!

I was always barefoot when I was a kid, and even now it is rare to find me laced up unless I am going somewhere where it is required.
in fact... A few months ago my parents were out here visiting and we decided to go to town via the north shore. Well we had a good time at the beach for a little while and then hopped in the car to head on to honolulu (about an hour or more away from my house) we were about 3/4's the way there when I realized I hadn't brought any shoes! My parents and even katie gave me that look... the "Are you serious?!' look... yes, I am 22 and I went to the mall with no shoes on.
I think my mom was a little embarrassed when I waltzed into Nordstrom with my toes bared, she insisted on buying me new sandals.

But according to this link:

I'm the one that got it right!

so show of those tootsies, painted or not.

I did it!

I have wanted an autoharp for a long old time, and I bought myself one for my birthday (with the help of the $ GB sent me)
good buy Karl
I love it
in case you are wondering what an autoharp is the girl on stage left of this video is playing one... June carter played one. man i just love it so much!
maybe when I feel a little more confident I will post myself playing it... maybe