Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Don't judge

I officially have one month of college left!


so to celebrate I bought these shorts...

now, some of you might be thinking, "Karly, those are too short".
They are actual shorts, yes.
This is not normal for me. For the past four years I have attended (and I'm more than glad I have) BYU, and anything above the knee has been too short. But no longer!
don't get me wrong, I love being modest
and I'm not going to go wild because of these shorts,
but my lower thighs have been neglected enough!


Erin Jane said...

HAHA I LOVE THESE! and also I felt the same exact way when I got done. I never even realized while I was at school that I wanted to wear anything like that, but boy did it feel good to put on a pair of shorty shorts and sit on my front lawn and make eyes at every passing car.

Cristin Lynn said...

Those are hot. In SF those would be considered LOOOOONG. SO MOVE HERE IN ONE MONTH!!!

Congrats lovey.

Kerry said...

WOO HOO! You will be so sexy in those!

Terra Zobrist said...

If I had lovely long legs like you i would have to buy those shorts too!

kate said...

yeah girl, wear them out as much as you can!! until another great day comes in your life and you are stuck to the long shorts...FOREVER!!! ha =]

Brittany Benson said...

yeah... i wanted to get some cute hudson shorts and then i said oh wait why am i gonna spend money on these when in a month i cant wear them!
love you! you keep buyin those short shorts! love ya!

Vernos said...

You're so "wild" hahaha! i just love your style Karly A!