Friday, February 29, 2008

bookshelf make-over

So I have been blog browsing lately, probably because it's midterms, and I stumbled upon some tips to make my bookshelf more ascetically pleasing. Don't leave a lot of space above the things on each shelf, stack some things as opposed to lining everything up, and stuff like that.
Anyways... i tried to apply them.
I didn't add more stuff, i just used what was there... what do you think?




Kazahn said...

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Runyon Family said...

Love the bookshelf...and by the way i LOVE your video! Brings back memories of all of our crazy HS days!

Dumuro said...

See Here or Here

Vernos said...

hey karly, i love the after! funny thing is when i first read it, i only saw the first pic and thought that was what you did, and was confused- then i saw the "before", and scrolled down. ah-ha!Looks like you have a new talent.

Kazilar said...

See here or here

Zololkis said...