Tuesday, April 8, 2008

RIP O.Ko.315.doc

Thats right, I spent all day last monday finishing a paper in the library (ten pages) and when I e-mailed it to myself the computer sent the one on the desktop (the un-updated version) and my paper was lost. probably the most depressing thing I can imagine... man. I was real upset. So i decided to throw a funeral (complete with tombstone shaped cake).
Any who I had a partial physiological break down and decided to live the remainder of the week in bliss.
well its a new week and I'm really paying for that decision.
I'll make it through... and if I don't I will have someone else post a post about my funeral. hopefully there will be more cake.


Tygogal said...
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doubleyou said...

devastating. that is the worse. the cake is rad though. :)

Terra Zobrist said...

Karly, I love you! You are the only person who would do something like that. I wish I would have had a party when that happened to me instead of crying.