Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The year mascara was invented by a chemist named T. L. Williams.
The earliest in history I could have been born and still led a happy life.

The drug of choice.

I'm serious, its an addiction.
I have really blond eyelashes and I hate them. Sometimes after days at the beach we go straight to town to go to Walmart or the movies, i always bring my mascara just incase. My roommates look at me in amusement (disgust?) as I push my cart through Walmart WHILE applying my mascara.

Best day of my life = while wrapping presents with my sister kerry for christmas she looks at me and says, "are you wearing false eyelashes?"

*sigh* success


Shauna said...

i blogged this same mascara karl. TWINS. And i got the same comment, also Twins.

Kerry said...

i'm so glad i could be a part of your best moment! i do love when you have mascara on

linds, Seth and Baby Rae said...

Um hello little missy, you know I can tint those lovely blond lashes of yours a nice velvety black right? (just in case you want a break from bringing your mascara to the beach!) Let me know! Happy to do it:)

Terra Zobrist said...

I know your pain. I have actually been told by a makeup counter lady that i should wear fake eyelashes everyday; that's how bad mine look without mascara.