Friday, February 13, 2009

In celebration

of my new red skirt.

Did you know that according to the National Greeting Card Association (the NGCA) 85 percent of Valentines are bought and sent by women?
I protest!

I will not be sending out Valentines cards.

Happy Valentines anyway...


Zach and zaira Benson said...

I love your skirt and don't worry I didn't send any cards =)

Erin Jane said...

NO CARDS FROM ME EITHER... but i did heart attack a couple of houses and i got an oversized chocolate hershys kiss for my cat.

Kerry said...

You are so Fabulously Cute.
Happy Valentines Day!
Love the heart classes, the red skirt mmmmm to die for.
You should have made homemade valentines with this picture on it and sent out a million cards. I would have liked one. But since i didn't sent out cards, i will forgive you for not sending me a card.

Terra Zobrist said...

i will take a red skirt just like yours if i can also have your lovely long legs to go with it.

Cristin Lynn said...

We can run around in fancy skirts with excellent glasses all day long.

Eff being married.

All the singles ladies, all the single ladies....I'm a single lady, I'll put my hand up!

Dance party in san Francisco???