Tuesday, February 10, 2009

latest love affair

I spend all my time with him, John Steinbeck.
Thats right, while my cousins make eternal relationships I have mad affairs with books. I am writing my senior thesis about John, his friend Ed and this book...

I highly recommend reading it. Its everything a book should be; poetry, comedy, tragedy, full of nostalgia. If you don't want to be the person you've always wanted after you read it... well then I don't know what.

favorite encounter in my research:

(written by john Steinbeck in a letter to a friend)

"The values (of society) have gotten crossed up. Courtesy is confused with weakness an emotion with sentimentality. We want to be tough guys and forget that the toughest guys were always the wholest guys. Achilles wept like a baby over Patroclus and Hector's guts turned to water with fear."


terynmendenhall said...

Ha....they're ETERNAL!!! That means they can wait. I'm reading this one next.

Terra Zobrist said...

Lately I have been having an affair with Dean Koontz. I can't be without him; i even have to carry him around with me everywhere I go. I doubt you could write a senior thesis on him though.

Brittany Benson said...

no they cant wait. get on it and say goodbye to the books. lol jk. loveyou.

Nathan said...

I love John Steinbeck. I haven't read Cannery Row, but I want to, secretly in hotels.