Monday, July 21, 2008

At the Danube

So my last week in Vienna has been pretty rainy, but last Saturday it was incredibly sunny! So we went and spent time at the Danube, which you have to pay for! Oh, how I miss America where the beach is free to all.
But it was really great.


Tiny towel!

I went with my roommate and Alex. We had a great time and I had a great peach.

It really was a great peach, but then this bee came and claimed it. Really it wouldn't leave! and I am real afraid of bees so I was freaking out a little and I just set the peach (with the bee sitting on it) down on the ground a safe distance away from my towel. The other girls were laughing at me but then when Taryn tried to shoo it away, it hovered in front of us for like a whole minute. It was really staring us down. It would look at me for a few seconds and then at Taryn... it was one sassy bee.


Zaira said...

Karly! I see a naked butt!

Ashley said...

come home come home come home! I'm so excited youre coming home soon. I'll even sleep a lot with you. We just have so much to catch up on Karl