Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Our last trip as a group was to Prague. I feel like I am getting good at this… I only got duped once, and I saw so many beautiful beautiful things! Before I went I bought a Wall Paper City Guide for Prague, these books are mainly for people interested in architecture. And Prague has a large amount of really interesting architecture. After communism fell they went nuts and let people build whatever they wanted, that’s really what it seemed like. Plus they have a lot of amazing, albeit conventional, buildings and sites as well.

The House of the Black Madonna. This is a cubist building. Cubism was really let wild in Prague. I like it.

Tyn church. Do note the big screen that ruined our view of this square our whole trip. Oh, Eurocup fever.

Look at that flowered cross ribbing! Ya, I took my art history final the week before our trip.

Golden ally. A place where midget people shop… Ich Bin Gross.

St. Charles bridge. Why is that guy looking at me like that?

The National Theatre. I saw the worst show I could ever imagine there…. I don’t even want to talk about it.

What leaning building?
The Fred and Ginger building (fred astaire and Ginger whoever, they are dancing.)

The Emauzy Church. The original top of this Gothic Cathedral was destroyed in WWII and they rebuilt it this way.

Hey I told you there was a lot.
This is the Lennon Wall, as in John Lennon. He was a big deal to kids under the communist regime and when he died they started tagging saint john’s wall. Now its legal, and that’s what I drew (I can’t draw feet, hence the flowers)

Zizkov T.V. Tower, used to block western signals. Yes those are Black babies crawling up and down it, I told you they were wild.

A Jewish cemetery that is so packed the stones are tipping, it is really weird to realize how long the Jews were persecuted in Europe, way before Hitler.

The Industrial Palace. When me and my friend Alex went there it was completely deserted, It was like in BIG, the movie, when he goes back to the carnival in the day time and no one is there. It was bazaar. Also, there was a carnival behind it and we went to get some licorice. The lady gave Alex the wrong flavor, when we wouldn’t leave until we got the right one she threw it on the floor and yelled gypsy at us.

Maybe my favorite, the Church of the Sacred Heart. Apparently the man that built this was run out of town afterwards… can’t see why. The out side was so cool and the inside looked like it belonged in the movie Romeo and Juliet (the new one). And we just happened to show up at Mass-time.

Best Travel lesson learned in Prague: always carry wet wipes. Katie gave me a pack before I left and when Alex was attacked by a tree we really needed them.

And now you have pretty much been to Prague.
p.s. I ate on the train home. Check that life-goal off the list. Czech