Monday, July 7, 2008


So other than my family and my friends in America I also miss a lot of other things. Madonna said it, I am a material girl. One of them is chocolate Chip Cookies. they just don't have them here! Cami and Brit brought me some cookie mix, I love them. No cookies? No wonder Europeans can be so grumpy...
Other things I miss:
- refillable drinks. I really don't have that much soda or whatever usually but I can't tell you how many times I have just wanted a big gulp.
- Del Taco. We don't have this in Hawaii either but the three months tacked onto the four at school are just too many.
- Winchell's donuts. Also not in Hawaii, but every time I see a giant glass case of bread (which is often) I want there to be a maple bar in it.
- normal breakfast. Here breakfast is bread... I want pancakes and/ or hash browns. bacon?
- my blanket. Why am I confessing to acting like a child all the time on my blog? I don't know. but I miss it, ok?
also, I just want to say. I'm not complaining. All the things I miss will soon be restored and then I will have my awesome trip to remember. well worth the time missing these things.

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