Wednesday, July 16, 2008


What can you say about Paris, right?!
I loved it, there was so much to do. I did a lot of planning so that I could do all the things I wanted to and even though I didn't get to all the places I wanted to go I had such a good time. First of all, paris is perfect for me. It gets light a lot later in the day and it doesn't get dark until after ten. seriously, I flew in at ten and it was still light outside. So I got to sleep in and not miss a thing!
Before we went we watched some movies about Paris. We watched "Funny Face" with Audrey Hepburn and the lady at the movie store recommended a French film named "Madame de..." Directed by Max Ophüls. It really set the mood and I highly recommend them.
A few of my favorite things:

San-Chapelle. This church is on the same island as Notre Dame, also really beautiful. The Gothic Stained glass windows are AMAZING. From the outside it looks like any other church but the entire chapel is the original stained glass. It makes the inside look sort of somber, but a beautiful sort.

The Arc De Triumph. Yes, I am standing in the middle of the road to get this picture, but when Cami and Brittany want a photo shoot, I hope to. Also, about 15 people followed us out there. Also, I bought that dress in Paris... love it.

The Champs de Elyse. I once attempted to memorise a song about this fancy little lane on a very productive tuesday/thursday with some fabulous girls, of whom I thought about for the entire time I walked down it. Which was quite a while indeed.

The Catacombs. So creepy, I loved it! The entire first half of the walk through them there were no bones. I kept saying "If there are no bones I will be so so mad" I have been through quite a few bone-less catacombs here... but there were so many, I picked up a skull! it was a little gross. And at the end they checked our purses, just incase we had thought of taking a souvenir.

Oh, you know, The Mona Lisa...

The Shakespeare Book shop, where I bought some great books to read on my billion hour flight home (that I take in one week! where has the time gone?)
And a Crazy girl named Carrie Speed that I bumped into.

The Pompidou, a modern art museum, its built inside out. I loved going there with my sister Katie, who was in Paris for two days with me! The museum was great, but the Frenchies were a little overzealous in their estimation of how much french literature they would need... oh those sassy Frenchies with their French.

The Eiffel Tower was blue, and at 11:00 it sparkled...
Ok, We went to this really great pastry shop, Stoher, that was opened in the 18th century, twice. I just had to film the display case. I am in LOVE!


Zobrist Fam said...

We are all so excited for you to come home! Especially Lily. We drove your bug for a few days and Lily would not stop talking about you and your car, and has asked me repeatedly if when she's big like you, can she go to Austria?! :-) Love you!

Jessica Lauren Erickson said...

man, i am jealous. aaaah wee wee. par-ee. carr-ee speeeed.