Sunday, July 6, 2008

Vienna vacations in Linz

Well aren't I glad that this city that I like a really lot gets to have a vacation of its very own.
NO, no I am not.
Me, Cami and Brittany went to see the Winter Riding school... it is really famous, every tourist does it. Unfortunately, the real riding school is on vacation in Linz. But don't worry they lent Vienna a bunch of untrained horses (that might get trained later) So we got to watch them run around and pull carriages for an hour... Almost as bad as the Black light show I saw in Prague that I'm not talking about.
Also, the other day I went to the natural history museum. I am against going to places like this in foreign countries generally, only because the things inside of natural history museums, or say a zoo, are not from that country. Pandas don't come from Vienna, I don't want to see one here... but the natural history museum here has something special. The Venus of Willendorf. You have probably seen a slide of this if you have been in a humanities or art history class, it is known as the first piece of art. It is just a small little fertility statue but I saw the spot the found it and I thought it would be cool to see the real thing, so I went to see it - not possible- she's on vacation in Linz... to bad they didn't tell me before hand and I bought my ticket. So now if I am ever in an art history class and the teacher asks if anyone has ever seen the real thing I will raise my hand and say, " No. but I got a real nice picture of a very good copy of the little vixen in the Natural History Museum of Vienna"

The plus side:
Remember when I was little and I had a rock collection? (you know, the one that is still in my closet that I pull out and look at when I feel nine.)
Well, I remembered why I used to do that...

Rocks are pretty.


Erin Jane Hellion said...

When you feel nine? HAHA You are always feeling nine, or fourteen, or twelve...sometimes five. You act your shoe size and not your age (thank you Prince) I love you for that. Also, SOOO excited for you to come home! Hurry!

terynmendenhall said...

Karly I love you....I too have a rock collection still in my closet. My mom threatened to clean out "useless" things while I was gone but my last message to her was nooooo whole life is in that room.