Friday, May 9, 2008

Mein Mutter

This mothers day I am real far away from home! Mostly because my mother and father are so kind to me. My mom is always pushing me to do new things in my life.Last Fall I was headed back to Hawaii for the third year in a row, and she just kept telling me about how I could do whatever I wanted,go to utah stay in Vegas, Mix it up (and hopefully meet a tall boy from Las Vegas.)I did it(not the meet a boy from vegas part. still working on all of that...)No,i went to Utah. And I had a lot of fun.
She always used to tell us about all the fun things she did in highschool; gymnastics and skiing. Hearing about all the stuff she did has always motivated me to get the most out of life. She taught me to seek out adventure, and we both have scars to prove it! I love spending time with her and going on all of our family trips. Love you mom!

I am so grateful for such good examples of what a woman can be.My family is full of great mothers, great women. I hope I can turn into one when I grow up!


Katie Speed said...

that is well put... I love you mom.

I cried.

terynmendenhall said...

i love your mom too. Whenever I talk to her I get little pieces of life advice that are subtle yet so helpful.

kathie said...

Karly, Its so great to read all the exciting things you are experiencing! I'm jealous...I may come for a visit!! (especially the flea market!!) Your mom is amazing I love her. She has always been the best example to me of 'if you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all' Thanks for being who you are...Cami is lucky to have you for a cousin..Love you, Aunt Kathie