Monday, May 26, 2008

sprechen sie deutsch

Ok. so i was at dinner with my host family again last week. We had a grand time, their english is great and we talked a little german, a very little. Also we talked about the things that Teryn and I need; some bath towels, our laundry done, and some more food for breakfast. We told Oma that we needed some bread milk and juice.
On my way out the door We were saying our good byes and I said, "tschuss" this means goodbye it sounds like -chews- or -choose- anyways, I was like
and Oma says, "yes milk, bread and juice"
"no, no. tschuss"
she looked at me and then taryn and said, "yes juice"
ok... "goodbye"
then she says, "ciao"
ya, don't forget our chow...


terynmendenhall said... we get lost in translation. Made me laugh.

Katie Speed said...

ahh sounds like your german is coming along!

Jillian Clara said...

I'll buy you groceries for breakfast, get you bath towels, AND do your laundry if you come home and be my neighbor again! haha I'm glad you are having fun and learning German. When you get home we'll hang out and have a few night walks or spend the nights. That sounds lesbo to people who don't know our childhood. sorry

Seth & Linds said...

i was so happy when katie came by and showed us your blog today. deutschland is der hammer - ich vermisse alles dort, ihr bilder und video make me miss it! and yes, that was very sloppy danglish. enjoy vienna and eat as much schnitzel as you can!

zii:- said...

Life is Good!!