Monday, May 26, 2008

Temple trip

Last weekend a few kids from our group, myself included went on a temple trip with the institute program in Vienna. The temple is in Germany, in Freiberg. It was really fun! The temple is small but very beautiful.

Also, while we were there we got to go on a city tour of Dresden. The city was almost completely destroyed during WWII and if you have read the book Slaughter House Five you know why I was interested in the place. It was pretty interesting to see how the city had been built up. They used the stones that they could salvage from the wreckage so all the buildings are partly black and smokey from the bombing and part new and white. It is actually very pretty.

The people at the Freiberg temple treated us so right. We had three great meals a day and we stayed at a little camp that had fun places to play. They took us on city tours and we even had a dance.

They Waltz.
not just to slow songs either.
they only waltz.
it was fun though, i learned a little, taught a little.


Erin Jane Hellion said...

Karly! I have been to that temple before! COOL?

Jessica Lauren Erickson said...

I know all about Dresden because I stole slaughterhouse five and finished it. then when i finished it, I read it again. in a day. it was much better the second time through. thank you for suggesting it. I will put it in the mail and it will be back to Hawaii before you even knew it was gone.
love jessica