Thursday, May 15, 2008

Salzburg day 1

We started our day early early in the morning, Salzburg is about five hours out of Vienna. After we had been driving for a while we made our first stop at a concentration camp museum. It's called Mauthausen, it used to be a concentration camp. it was really sad.About 200,000 people were killed here before the camp was liberated in 1945. It doesn't really feel appropriate to blog a lot about it but like our program director told us "sometimes the study of great evils can be good for you" So maybe look the place up? or if you really want to watch a good movie watch It's A Wonderful Life.

We had a few hours to recover on the bus, and then we had a much more fun stop. A few hundred years ago there was a guy who was both the arch bishop and the political leader of salzburg. He had a summer home built for his mistress (he didn't have a wife that he cheated on, he was an arch bishop though so he could marry her)and their 16 kids. At first when we heard stories about this guy I thought he was a real creep but after visiting his summer home I like him! He has what they call "trick fountains" there. They were really funny. there was a river running through the property and he used the water pressure to make a lot of...trick fountains...

a mad hatter tea party wet-style

I did not volunteer for a reason!
Also, at this place was the the gazebo from the sound of music. complete girl photo op.

finally we got to Salzburg. We went to a restaurant by our hotel where I got a very austrian dinner, wiener schnitzel and apple strudel. then we went on a walk through the city. We found a pretty garden and as we were walking through it we stumbled upon a concert.

Where does that happen?!

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