Friday, May 9, 2008


Last Wednesday we woke up early and took a bus east to the capital city, Bratislava, of Slovakia. As we all stepped of the bus in a normal enough town our program director Brother Jacobs walked us about 200 feet to a loading dock for boat rides back to Vienna. He looked at us all (we were still half asleep, it was about 8 in the morning) and he said “see you at 5:30, right here” and then he left… Uh, I don’t know about any of you but I didn’t really know anything about Bratislava. I didn’t know any of their language (not how they counted or how to ask for a bathroom or anything) or their money (crowns) or even what there was to see in the city. We all started wandering and seeing what Bratislava had to offer, but when I pulled out my camera to take a picture of some graffiti I liked I couldn’t turn my camera on! Out of Battery… but other people in my group were prepared so I have some pictures.

We walked through the streets of “old town” for a while. The buildings were beautiful. Some were very run-down though. I thought they looked cool and that maybe they had been bombed during the war or something… later Brother Jacobs told me that Slovakia used to be a communist nation and that those buildings were just run-down because they didn’t have the money to keep them up (that shows you what I know about history).

For a while I got lost all by myself, on purpose, it was fun. We had an assignment to draw something we wanted to remember, so I stopped to draw this yellow church I liked. After that I just wandered around. I ended up at the top of a castle, with a great view of the Danube, and I ran into my roommate and two other girls, Emily and Katrina. We met some guys from Argentina (one was playing rugby in Italy, and the rest were there visiting him) So we hung out with them for a little bit. For the most part, we did a lot of wandering.

who gave me the map?

and then we took a boat back to Wein!

Oh. And the gelato in Bratislava is divine. Also, it loved my body (the gelato) I’m lactose intolerant… but a gelato enthusiast.

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